About Us

The Consortium for Research on Equity in Music Education (CRÈME) is an international group consisting of faculty members, students, teachers, and academic staff in music education who support or conduct research on equity issues. It has the following goals: 

  • To generate and promote equity research in music education
  • To foster cross-institutional conversations and research projects in this area
  • To disseminate this research through scholarly conferences and publications
  • To use this research to better prepare music teachers and music teacher educators 
  • To increase the cultural diversity of music education researchers, music teacher educators, and music teachers by increasing the number of music education students from underrepresented, underserved populations; and by striving to create culturally relevant, inclusive, and welcoming learning environments for all students
  • To initiate change through an agenda of activism and community engagement that challenges exclusionary paradigms in music education*

To date, music educators representing twenty-seven colleges and universities, plus three school districts, have affiliated with CRÈME. The Music Education Area at the University of Wisconsin-Madison serves as the administrative hub for CRÈME.

* M. Kindall-Smith, C. L. McKoy, and S. W. Mills, “Challenging Exclusionary Paradigms in the Traditional Musical Canon: Implications for Music Education Practice,” International Journal of Music Education, November 2011 29: 374-386.